Unique Mobile Apps for Smart Girls[Only for Females]

Apps for Smart Girls; Just a little assistant for YOU.

Hello Girls and boys too, I know you boys are curious about this. This a list of most useful Mobile App for strictly for girls and I think you should give them a try at least once. In this article you will see Health, Makeup, games and other important Apps. Let’s begin the list now:


  • Please Consult the desired professionals as Funmansite would not be responsible.
  • Links for downloads are provided from PlayStore.


The applications in this list are for those Females who are concerned about their health and need an assistant. But I would surely advice to visit Doctor or Professionals as this is a health issue.

1. Fitness

*The App mentioned here is a must have for those who don’t have time to join gym. This app have an option where you can perform exercises without any equipments. You can track your activities, choose from different levels of working mode and it comes with many other useful features. DOWNLOAD Female Fitness- Woman Workout 

2. Period Tracker

*My Calendar Period Tracker calculate approximate date that will help to be ready for the next one. This is really helpful for married couple planning to have a baby as once you enter your previous Dates it will show you the dates when you could give it a try. DOWNLOAD My Calendar- Period Tracker 

3. Eye Care

*Eye Care plus is an important app as it will help you strengthening your eye sight and improve natural vision. It contains tasks, games and other stuff which at the end provides a better vision improvement. DOWNLOAD Eye Exercises- Eye Care Plus 


1. Makeup

*Makeup Plus is your personal Makeup Artist. The app creator have mentioned in PlayStore that they have took suggestions from many World Famous Makeup artists. There are plenty of features you could try and see by yourself how would you look before going to an actual parlor. DOWNLOAD Makeup Plus- Your Own Virtual Makeup Artist 

*YouCan Makeup is another famous Makeup apps that lets you try real products in the camera. There are plenty of features available that you could try. DOWNLOAD YouCam Makeup- Magic Selfi Makeovers

2. Shopping

*Dedicated to Women’s fashion, ROMWE provides latest and unique clothing just for womens. DOWNLOAD ROMWE- Women’s Fashion 


*SHEROES is community for the womens and by the womens. They share their thoughts and ask questions, they help each other, suggest each other, has various topics to discuss on. DOWNLOAD Women Only Community- SHEROES


*A game where you play the role of Makeup Artist and perform various tasks to compete. DOWNLOAD Stylish Girl-Make Me Gorgeous!

*Style your clints with gorgeous dresses and other items in this amazing Game. DOWNLOAD International Fashion Stylist- Model Design Studio 

*Adventure of a girl who drift around in a world that was submerged in water. DOWNLOAD A Girl Adrift

I will add more apps and games so keep visiting this page.


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