Top 10 most amazing Jobs FEMALE EDITION part 1 

Checkout the most amazing Jobs FEMALE are doing these days.

Women have already put a massive impact on the various segment of professions which was dominantly ruled by males and now women can easily be seen in almost every sector possible. Hi Guys, its Vaibhav and I have shortlisted some of the most unique and different Professions chosen by our ladies. These amazing Jobs FEMALE could select  and make it their profession. For this I’ll be talking about like, DJ, Wildlife Photographers, Tattoo Artists and many more. Now let’s go:

1. Dj

amazing Jobs FEMALE

Disc Jockey or simply Dj could be seen playing music records over radio or parties late night which makes this profession is completely new for ladies and you will see guys doing Djing in almost every nightclubs but as I said things have been changing now and our ladies have shows interests in this area too, meanwhile the increase in the craze of pubs and discos amongst the party freaks are gathering attention of females too. See this article for a Female Dj.

2. Hairstylist or Makeup artist

Top 10 most amazing Jobs FEMALE EDITION part 1 
Hair Stylist/ Makeup Artist

Behind every gorgeous hair or face, there is the talented artist doing their job and that person is the hairstylist or makeup artist. Women are widely seen here and many of the men in this fields have made names for themselves too. You talk about any celebrity, they are there, talk about any model and again they are there and this is quite unique as well as interesting to know that how beautifully they turn simple hair into stylish one, thus making the profession been Accepted by youths and demand of being updated by latest styles has widely opened the door for success for them and many examples can be seen  that shows the beauty and level of this profession.

Rabia Grewal/Makeup Artist

3. Tattoo artist

amazing Jobs FEMALE
Tattoo Artist

So moving towards our list of the Top 10 most amazing Jobs FEMALE EDITION part 1 and here we have the tattoo artists who make amazing designs on the human body and this is pretty interesting to see a woman playing with ink gun and this art is growing nicely nowadays making their future brighter and secure Like a fine art in painting, the tattoo artist is a master of body painting and this requires a lot of concentration and finishing,  definitely should be very concerned about transmitting diseases hence an extra care and precautions are the top priority to look forward in a Tattoo artist.

Mini Patanker is an India based Tattoo Artist

Jani Bell a Miami Based Tattoo Artist

4. Gym trainer

We need abbs and muscles to look great and obviously it good to have a great body so our girls on this list are tough and fit enough to make this list goes on. They are available at the Gym,  working as a personal trainer or available online as a Youtuber or you might find many websites like which makes their jobs secure and fit.

Anna Bednarek/TRAINER•

  • This Young lady is a Personal trainer and Nutritionist from Poland.
  • Anna said to Funmansite ″I help people to get back in shape, get health and smile”.
  • She is a certified Personal trainer and ABT Instructor.
  • You can visit and meet her in Siłownia McFIT which is a Health club in Szczecin, Poland.
  • Fitness classes are also been conducted by her.
  • Follow Anna Bednarek on Instragram.

5. Rapper / Hip-Hop Singer

Rap or Hip-Hop music is extremely famous and definitely, there are famous girls too who do rapping brilliantly. Nikki Minaj is one of them. Still, there are not many names, so definitely there is a good chance for something new.

6. Youtuber

Youtube is definitely a good source of income and people with talent is widely welcomed by Youtube viewers. Girls from home with cooking recipes, DIY projects or other funny/interesting stuff are very famous on Youtube and this list is growing day by day and has a huge variety to watch on.





7. Wildlife photographer

Watching wildlife TV shows and got amazed by the perfect timing of the cameraman after seeing a pack of lions hunting for survival or anything different that gives you goosebumps then you must know that there are people spending years to capture a perfect shot or to make 30 minutes video programme in the wilderness. Of course, there are brave female photographers too doing the same thing for years and working as a professional. NGC and Discovery Channel have been a great platform for these photographers.

8. Divemaster

Divemaster is not simply a water tour guide, it is a scuba instructor plus trainer which control a group of divers on the boat and underwater. This profession is quite unique and gives you breathtaking experience for a lifetime.





  • This fun loving lady who loves to travel is a Diving Instructor at Utila Dive Centre which is a SCUBA tour agency in Utila, Honduras
  • Ivana has a great experience as a PADI Master Instructor as she worked across different places across North America.
  • Out of the water she loves to teach diving, hiking, meeting people, chit chatting, and cooking.
  • Follow Ivana on Instagram.

9. Race drivers

Professional car/ bike racer is very popular in the sports segment and females have already marked their places in this field. Fast and Quickness of this game makes it very interesting and sometimes very dangerous too. NASCAR is one of a Company for these professionals car racer.

10. Wrestlers

Wrestling is a very famous sport and attracts lots of new talents every year. There are many forms of wrestling exists and females have been seen on almost every battlefield. WWE, TNA Impact, and other giants are very well stabilized companies for Wrestler to express their talent on.


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 All of the profession mentioned here are very unique and females with something different in mind may choose from this.

Tell us about this article in the comment box below and if we have missed something then we will add it to our next article which will be publishing very soon.




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