List of World’s most Unique Competitions- VOL 1

Witness some of the Unique Competitions from different areas.

There are numerous sports and activities in which people take part as we usually see on TV or read on Newspaper/Internet Article but this is not the regular things you see as it’s quite unique and may be you have heard them for the very first time in life. We will be talking about Drone race competition, Tattoo competition, Cosplay competition and more

Even I was surprised how different these Competitions are, because some of them are completely off beat and we couldn’t even think about it in general. Enough talking let’s start the list now.

  • Drone Race

List of World's most Unique Competitions- VOL 1
Quadcopter/ Drone

Quadcopter/ Drone

We all are familiar with drones as you may have seen them on wedding or with some camera guy. But they are actually extremely fast in terms of speed and when it comes to race they touch the speed of about 80 M/hrs. There are the various organization which are involved in Drone Race Tournament like

The Pilot are the in FPV[First Person View] monitoring and controlling the drone. Various stages/levels are there in the tournament and pilots from around the world come for the competition.

The selection process involves how the pilot drive, cuts, even flips, and other stunts are been taken into consideration.

Drone Racing Organization( click on the names to visit their websites)

There are many organizations out there and if you are interested then you can also take part in it. BMW held the Drone Racing League’s 2018 Semi-Finals race at their automobile museum, the BMW Welt, in Munich, Germany and sold out the event with 3,000 fans.

  • Tattoo Competitions

List of World's most Unique Competitions- VOL 1
Tattooed Woman

Tattooed Woman

Number 2nd I have selected is this unique and one of a kind competition is Ms. TATTOOS WOMEN. The process goes like this. At the beginning various tattoo artist showcases their body arts and out of many only 20 are being shortlisted. Then the panels of judges decides the best of of those 20 Female models who have unique designs and other section criteria is being used for finalization.

Although different organizations have their own criteria to get the number one. Here is the list of few sites that you could have a look -(Click names to visit their respective sites)

Beside Competitions, exhibitions and other presentation are also the major factor to get together for these events.

  • Cosplay Competitions

List of World's most Unique Competitions- VOL 1
Cos player

The cosplay competition are another unique type which are extremely famous in Japan till 90’s but, the people around the world have been taken interest in this field and so many shows, events are been taken seriously throughout the world.

Cosplayers are the person who wear costumes resembling the actors from different movies or shows. They wear lookalike dresses and with full body costumes that are completely similar to the outfit of the role they play.

One of the very famous Cosplay done on LARA CROFT is a hit that people applaud significantly

These are some of the hosts for the Competitions and just click on their names to visit their websites.

  • Dog Fashion Show

List of World's most Unique Competitions- VOL 1
Pet Fashion Show

The Dogs we adopts tries to keep healthy and fit. Many of us thought their dogs to be updated with fashion and latest trends. If you are one of those guy who put serious impression on their dogs outfit then you might have heard about dog fashion shows.

Various categories have been the criteria for finalization of the selection round. Even dogs have various clothing line, brands that are worldwide famous. Clink on the below site to have a look.

  • DJ Competition

List of World's most Unique Competitions- VOL 1
Disco Jockey

The disco-jockey or DJ are been heard several times in pubs and other happening places but the DJ hearings other DJ in a competition is little bit unheard of, Right!!

Yes, these are happening in international level and is even online Competitions are also conducted over various websites.

  • Bungee Jumping Competition

List of World's most Unique Competitions- VOL 1

Jumping are considered as on of the risky sports and only fearless personalities will go on a jump. In Dubai there is a Competition of Bungee Jumping held on specific dates and the winners are finalized based of the factors like-

  • Stability during jump
  • Time taken to leave for jump
  • Distance from the leap
  • Styles and patterns of jump.

This even is organized by The Gravity Zone, Dubai also.

It’s quite obvious that the list is just a beginning as there are plenty of Competitions out there. Will see you again next time with another stuff. Have a great day.

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