Interview with an Indian TV actress Mallika Nayak

Mallika Nayak on Funmansite

Hello Guys, welcome to this new article about Indian TV actress, model Mallika Nayak, as we talk about her shows, fitness tips, her hobbies, her talents. Gorgeous Mallika Nayak has been Interviewed recently on Funmansite and I Vaibhav, really thankful to her as she from her busy schedule gave me time for this Conversation.

Interview with an Indian TV Show BEPANNAH's very own Mallika Nayak || Actress
Mallika at the Mahabharat Set ©Mahabharat
Interview with an Indian TV Show BEPANNAH's very own Mallika Nayak || Actress
Mallika Nayak

Mallika Nayak as you all know has been seen on Indian TV show BEPANNAH as Sakshi Mathur which is being aired on COLORS TV. The show is a massive hit and this is due to their casts, story and everything. A very popular Actress and a Model who have also been featured in CID, Mahabharat and many other shows and Ads.

About Bepannah:

After the death of their respective spouses, Aditya and Zoya marry each other without their families’ approval. However, some people are not happy with their union and constantly try to separate them. This show was aired for the very 1st time on  19 March 2018 and the Network is Viacom 18.

Latest Updates

Our Guest Mallika Nayak is about to step in on another hit series called Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala. This is an Indian musical television series, which premiered on 19 March 2018 and airs on StarPlus and Hotstar So keep watching this show.

Now lets see what Mallik has responded to my questions:

1. Please let me know what inspired you to became an actress?

MallikaHave been a voice artist for the last 12 yrs, voicing is like acting behind the mike; after a few years a few challenges came up in my life that needed me to work a lot more than before, so decided to do the acting in front of the camera as well.

2. You still Into Voicing?

MallikaYes, Very much.

3. So, how similar is acting and voicing according to you and what is the toughest part you came across acting.

MallikaSimilarities between acting and voicing is the common factor of playing different characters, in one you are lending your voice and in another you are lending your personality for that part. The toughest part in acting is comedy

4. You have done any dedicated comedy show?

MallikaNot really out and out comedy but yes a few scenes here and there in my previous shows.

5. So Mam, You are from Karnataka and in Karnataka which has been a good sources of different different dance cultures. Do you prefer dancing?

MallikaI am from Karnataka but have hardly lived there; my mother is from Tamil Nadu and I had spent most of my childhood there. So had trained in Bharat Natyam as a kid fr a few years till I went to a boarding school. Didn’t complete it though as I went to Panchgani for my education soon after.

6. What are your hobbies which are still with you since your childhood!

MallikaHobby was to paint which I did till my kids were little , once I got into voicing I haven’t really touched my brushes.But yes, when my kids were very small I needed to be at home so used to paint and hold exhibitions of my paintings.

7. Do you still wants to paint!

Mallika: I would love to , but don’t really get the time.

8. What do you want to say to those girl/ boys looking for voicing and acting career!

MallikaIf you feel you have the interest and aptitude for the above careers , do your homework, train under any expert in the concerned field and give your best thereafter.

9. What do you think about fitness!

MallikaFitness is an extremely important part to keep your health at its optimum level. Solves and keeps away lot of health problems.

10. What is your preferred way to keep yourself fit n fine.
Yoga or exercise?

MallikaI have tried both, I personally prefer the gym.

11. What is you favorite place!

MallikaIn India it’s Goa and Internationally it’s Paris.

12. Out of the characters you have played in different shows. What inspired you the most and what are your future plans regarding acting.

Mallika: I have loved all the characters I have played. I had done a role in a star plus show where I was the mother of a girl who was on the verge of marrying a rapist, when I get to know I fight against the family with my daughter. That was quite inspiring. Future plans for acting is hopefully movies.

13. What is your favorite food n do you like to cook as well?

MallikaFavorite food is sambar rice, I like to cook special dishes in Chinese and Italian. And not too fond of cooking the regular everyday stuff.

14. So mam, you prefer morning gym.

MallikaYes, I wake up at 5:30, 6 am I am either at the park or at the gym.

15. Do you prefer whey protein?

Interview with an Indian TV Show BEPANNAH's very own Mallika Nayak || Actress
Mallika’s 1st Modeling Portfolio

MallikaI don’t believe in substitutes. I have normal ghar ka khaana, Which includes everything, I have been a ramp model before marriage so I understand the necessity to stay fit.

16. So mam, modeling is still on your list?

Mallika: I still model, I do advertisements too, It’s only Ramp that I left.

17. Do you miss Ramp life?

Interview with an Indian TV Show BEPANNAH's very own Mallika Nayak || Actress
Mallika Nayak

Mallika: Yes I do, My daughter though is getting onto it now, So will relive it thru her when she starts.

18. Anything you would like to say to Funmansite readers?

Mallika: “There is no elevator to success, only gradual steps of honesty and hard work will take you to the top and will keep you there till you remain sincere to your craft”

Encouraging words by the dexterous actress is overwhelming to me as this is truly amazing to have her here in my blog and thank you so much guys for reading this article.

Few more Mallika’s Images:

Interview with an Indian TV Show BEPANNAH's very own Mallika Nayak || Actress
Mallika Nayak
Interview with an Indian TV Show BEPANNAH's very own Mallika Nayak || Actress
Mallika Nayak
Interview with an Indian TV Show BEPANNAH's very own Mallika Nayak || Actress
Mallika Nayak

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