Interview with a Peruvian Barber residing in San Diego- Luisa

Peruvian Barber residing in San Diego- Luisa is our Guest in this article.

Chess clips and cutz. Don’t be surprised guys about what is chess clips and cuts doing out here in Funmansite but you will know soon when you read further. Actually I had a little conversation with a very talented Barber from California as we talk about her Profession, some personal stuff and more. So without a further delay let’s see what she said for the questions I asked.

Please tell us about yourself. What’s your name and where you from?

My name is Luisa @peruvians_barber.

I’m from Peru living in San Diego, CA. Living here Since June 11, 2007 and been working as a Barber since November 20, 2014. I had worked in different shops and currently “Chess clips and cutz” is the Place where I’ve been working now.

“Chess Clips and Cuts is owned by Chester. The beginning of the name of the shop thus begins with “Chess”-the owner.”

Visit their Instagram: @ Chess Clips N Cutz Barbershop

San Diego is a city on the Pacific coast of California known for its beaches, parks and warm climate. Immense Balboa Park is the site of the renowned San Diego Zoo, as well as numerous art galleries, artist studios, museums and gardens.(Source: Wikipedia)

Interview with a Peruvian Barber residing in San Diego- Luisa
Luisa at Work

Beginning was easy for you?

Luisa: Of course not. The beginning was very difficult for me since I had to deal with very special customers, especially with children who move all the time. With children you have to be very patient and very careful when cutting their hair because they have very sensitive skin and I was afraid of hurting them with my Clips.

Interview with a Peruvian Barber residing in San Diego- Luisa
Done by Luisa

The best part of your Job?

Luisa: See people happy after they see their cut. I enjoy sharing my experiences with the clients. Not only a good cut matters but a good talk also.

How do you learn new haircut/ styling?

Luisa: Learning from people with good skills as I always seeing those People who are barbers as well. Who has more skills then me specially with one of my favorite barber who is a girl.

Interview with a Peruvian Barber residing in San Diego- Luisa
Different haircut by Luisa

Your Inspiration?

Luisa: I been following a Barber for 4 years on Instagram. She is my inspiration. Her name is Johanna(Instagram Profile).

Instagram and online platform helped you a lot?

Luisa: Yes.

What are your hobbies?

Workout, soccer, then she replied “lol” and said Eating.

Do you have any Future plans?

Luisa: I live each day fully and I create good memories with my 3 kids who are my life and everything. To stay with them happy forever with wonderful memories is my only plan.

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Other activities and personal life.

She is a mother of 3 Handsome babies boys as you can see them with her in this picture.

Interview with a Peruvian Barber residing in San Diego- Luisa
Luisa with her 3 babies boys

I Asked Luisa if she wants to share her view on a newcomers and anything she would like to tell and encourage Females to become a Barber and here’s what she said:

“They have to have an attitude, positivism you would have to like it of what your doing, be prepare for everything. Being focused on what they do, being patient, being positive, cutting hair is not easy but neither is it impossible to learn. Remember you get what you give.

Everyone can be a barber but not everyone can do a good job.”

Luisa is very talented and she keeps on learning new and trendy stuff as you can check her cuts/styling on her Instagram profile: peruvians barber.

Interview with a Peruvian Barber residing in San Diego- Luisa
Barber Luisa

Luisa: “I love what I do, I’m still learning everyday tho that’s why I say that for doing this you have to enjoy it, because this is an art!”

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