Top 10 Most risky sports in the world

Top 10 Most risky sports in the world

Thrill, adrenaline, adventure, and passion to push the abilities to its limit brings you to another world of competition. High risks and high rewards are the ultimate goals no matter where the battlefield is. Sports, a competitive world where mind and body of the competitors hit toe to toe. Some sports are risky, in terms of maximum chances of physical damages even death and permanent disability. Top 10 Most risky sports in the world is an amazing list to showcase some of many high-risk games.

# 1. High-Speed Race

Top 10 Most risky sports in the world
Bike Race
Top 10 Most risky sports in the world
Car Race

When speed is too high, the risk is even higher. Drivers risks their body and soul every second in this high-end racing sports.  with being The first death in Formula one car happened in 1952 when Cameron Earl died as his car overturned causing his skull fractured leading to his death in a hospital. Although many precautions are taken by the manufacturing companies and the drivers themselves, this thing is completely unpredictable.


Some general causes of accidents:

  • Crash.

  • Hit by opponents.

  • Machine failure.

  • Slipper track.

“A road is for everyone, Track for the champions”funmansite.

# 2. Bullfighting

Top 10 Most risky sports in the world
Top 10 Most risky sports in the world

Bullfighting has been a part of a culture as well as traditional sports in various countries. In Spain, it is said that “It is not bullfighting until it is dangerous”. You have read it right, it’s not considered as bullfighting until there is blood. Highly danger for Matador/ (matador de Toros (Person who kills the bull) too. The Matador has to kill the bull as to achieve the goal, during the killing, the bull which is grown under the special condition for these occasions only, hits back. Injuries and blood are common in these sports, many critics have opposed these types of blood sports. The bull has been seen jump off the boundary where the spectators are sitting, so this makes the sports highly dangerous for everyone.

Three stages of bullfighting :

  • 1: Tercio de Varas.

  • 2: Tercio de Banderillas.

  • 3: Tercio de Muerte: The final chapter where the bull has to die.


# 3. Sled racing

Top 10 Most risky sports in the world
Man with sled dogs
The sled dog racing has become international competitive sports in the Antarctic region in various countries like Russia and America.
One of the most famous sled racing is known as “Last Great Race on Earth” where the temperature is as low as (−73 °C) and near about 16 dogs are involved and it took around 15 days to complete the challenge. Many animals care activists has opposed this race as it became extremely harsh for people and dogs too. Although many Safety precautions are taken at the track during the game which covers vast forest, freezy rivers, and dangerous mountains leads to extreme condition, hard to survive.

#4. Truck rally

Top 10 Most risky sports in the world
Rally raid T4/ representation
The Truck rally has been a part of long distance Off Road cross county Rally and these Running monsters as termed as T4 and T5. T4 actually is a participant while T5 chases down the game area in order to provide assistance. Obviously, there are SSVs, cars, and buggies too in their type of sports.

The off-road rally or Rally Raid comes under our risky sports risk because of the following reasons:

  • Area of the rally is huge as it covers near about two continents in a single gameplay

  • Traveling distance is approximately 9,000 kilometers.

  • Average 10 days and 9,00 kilometers per day traveling in a harsh condition which is why it is knowns as the Off-road race.


# 5. Boxing

Top 10 Most risky sports in the world
Throwing punches/Boxers

Boxing is a 2 person sports where the competition can be won only by hitting down their opponent.  Physical damage is mostly seen as there is no limitation in the hitting force. Brain damage or death is the dangerous condition the competitor deals inside the ring. The opponents try to throw punches as hard as they can in order to shut down their rival. Hand gloves and headgear are the only protective shields available for the sportspersons.

200 deaths have been counted in the years between 1980 to 2007 making many countries banning Boxing. Later, medical facilities on the spot, Medical protocols, medical educations, proper training and minimizing the time limit of each round gives another breath to the sports, causing the ban Off.

# 6. Wrestling

Top 10 Most risky sports in the world
Arena /Wrestlling

These type of sports involves 2 or more competitors at the same time which can win either pin, submit, tap and other forms depending upon the different types of wrestling. Either the sports is for entertainment purposes or a genuine match, in both the cases the wrestlers go through various injuries in between or after the match. Bone fractures and neck injuries are common in these types of sports.

Read about women wrestling here:


# 7. Surfing

Top 10 Most risky sports in the world
Waves and the surfer with board
Riding on a surface of the water over waves is called surfing. The surfers can ride on the waves through his body directly or he surfing boards are used most commonly. The risk of these types of sports is dangerous from bacterial infections to death.

There are so many things which make these sports dangerous are;

  • Sharks, Jellyfish and other dangers in the marine life’

  • Collisions with other surfers

  • Collisions with rock, ice or surfboards.

  • Bacterial infection

  • Ear damage

  • Seabeds and rip currents have caused serious damages to the surfers.

# 8 Ice climbing

Top 10 Most risky sports in the world
Ice climbing is going up in the inclined position with the help of equipment and techniques to reach to the desired location usually the top or the peak. The climbers use various protections still the ice is just a solid form of water that can be broken without warning. Serious damages have been noted

Some most common Risks are as follows:

  • Snowslides or avalanche.

  • Rock.

  • loose Ice screws or ropes.

  • Weather.

  • Altitude sickness.


# 9. Mixed martial arts (MMA)

Top 10 Most risky sports in the world

This high action sport is a combination of other martial arts that involves full body contacts between opponents. The action continues even if the opponent is on the floor. The MMA fighter can go hand in hand and strick their opponent causes the damages in head, wrist, fractures and even causes death. There have been 7 deaths happened in MMA fight till 2018. The major risks are brain damages, blood cloth in the brain( reason of first death in MMA) and memory loss. No safety guards are used in these type of matchups by the fighters making MMA one of the riskiest sports on earth.

# 10. Ultralight aviation

Top 10 Most risky sports in the world
Ultralight aircraft

These have become extremely famous in the USA and its neighboring countries. A very lightweight aircraft have been used in these sports, as finalized by the government, the duration and performance of the flight are regulated but still, there have been near about 60 deaths per year been recorded by the American government, Fractured ribs and bones are common injuries that occur due to improper landing.

Tell us about the riskiest sports you have ever been through in the comments section.


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