Important role of a Single Parent: Lotta and her Lifestyle

Learn from a Single Parent: Lotta

Hello friends, hope you all are doing great. Funmansite always brings you unique contents and this time we have a Single Parent: Lotta. All you gonna see here is Lotta’s journey as a single parent, her routine and more. Let’s see what Lotta has answered about the questions.

Lotta Clifford is a YouTuber and she runs her Channel in which you will see a little girl traversing and experiencing with her at new and amazing destinations in their Channel named as “BACKPACKING WITH LIDIA: Travel Blogger with a Child”.(Visit YouTube Channel)

The Channel is all about Traveling, exploring most happening destinations which is decorous for family trips. She share her travel videos and give reviews about the destinations.

Visit their Instagram: backpackingwithlidia

Apart from this, Lotta is completing her University study Programs also and providing tips for Mature students and student parents through her videos.

As the article tells, it’s about Single Parent and Lotta shares her view on Single Parenting as I have asked her few questions. The questions are all about her acquaintance, notion, and Lifestyle as a Single Parent.

Important role of a Single Parent: Lotta and her Lifestyle
@ Salisbury, Wiltshire

A Short Interview with Lotta

FUNMANSITE– How do you manage daily stuffs for yourself and the children.

LOTTA- I only have one child but I guess it’s concentrating on day at a time. You can’t get wrapped up in to many things at once

FUNMANSITE– What’s the hardest part in single Parenting.

LOTTA– The hardest thing is playing the part of two people. In a two parent family, when one is tired the other one takes over. We don’t have that, so you need to learn to exercise through the burn. You know?

FUNMANSITE– Is it ok to put the child in daycare/ to babysitter while you are busy at work.

LOTTA– Lidia goes to school at the moment while I work/study. However, daycare was good before. Sometimes needs must.

FUNMANSITE– How do you manage the father role.

LOTTA- I don’t try to be a father as such. We are just sort of accepting that someone is missing and get on with it. Maybe this role will be filled in the future but you can’t make someone appear.


FUNMANSITE– Things you have learned from being a single parent.

LOTTA- Problem solving and independence is a great help for the need of them. It’s good to be social and make sure you make time for friendships. It’s important to take time out to be yourself too. Otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a nervous breakdown.

FUNMANSITE– Who is the most helpful one when you are in need?

LOTTA– My parent. They are equally helpful and I am very lucky to have two grounded parents that would always help me if I rang and asked for help. A problem shared is a problem solved.

Important role of a Single Parent: Lotta and her Lifestyle
@ The Official London Eye

FUNMANSITE– How do you manage to stay fit and healthy.

LOTTA– I don’t obsess about weight. Traveling is very active and budgeting doesn’t allow you to over eat. We walk and hike quite a lot normally. I really enjoy running when I have time too. And yoga or Pilates.

FUNMANSITE – What is your suggestions and tip for a healthy relationship with your children.

LOTTA- it’s easy to get bogged down with the everyday grind and just go through the motions and not spend any quality time with your kids.

We are very lucky to have spent quality time with each other traveling Latin America and that experience didn’t really allow us to get bogged down. Even if it is trying to take 15 minutes a day just to read a book or even watch a film together, it is worthwhile.

FUNMANSITE– Do you ever thought to be a relationship again?

LOTTA– I would love to be in a relationship again now. I think being single makes you more fussy about who you would let into your life once you’ve had Peace for a while, but I guess when the right guy turns up, it will just happen naturally.

FUNMANSITE– Will it (relationship) affects your child?

LOTTA- It is healthy for adults to have relationships. If there is someone constant than it would be absolutely fine for any child.

Important role of a Single Parent: Lotta and her Lifestyle
@ Potro Da Barra Sundown

Being a Father, I also Know it’s not very easy to take care of a Child. Lotta is doing her best and  the smile on Lidia’s face is a proof of her Good Parenting. See you guys next time in the next article. Have a nice time.

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