Who is Scrappy the Cholo? Know more about ThatwasEpic’s Juan Gonzalez [YouTuber]

An article about Juan Gonzalez’s Scrappy the Cholo

Hello Guys hope you all are doing good. From past few days I have been watching a Channel called ThatwasEpic. If you guys love prank videos then you might have came across this channel. What really I liked about the channel is a character known as SCRAPPY THE CHOLO. This character is extremely funny you just can’t stop watching it again and again. Here in this article I will be sharing details about the main person that is Juan Gonzalez, his background, about Cholo, about his other channel and more.

Who is Scrappy the Cholo? Know more about ThatwasEpic's Juan Gonzalez [YouTuber]

Juan Gonzalez

Person Behind Cholo- JUAN GONZALEZ

“Scrappy the Cholo” is a Gangsta tenor played by Juan Gonzalez at his YouTube Channel named as ThatwasEpic. This channel is all about Prank and the main person Juan plays the Role pretty well. Juan’s videos are Viral and being greatly applaud by the viewers as well. Beside Cholo, other prank videos are extremely smooth and funny that you just can’t stop watching it again and again.

  • Juan is basically from Mexico and he moved to North Dakota, US where he started his YouTube Journey.
  • In future Juan wants to become Big in YouTube, to become an actor, to invest in real estate and in Agricultural.
  • He has been appeared In different interviews on Tv shows and On YouTube Shows.

Watch few of the Interviews here:

  • YouTube is the Job that Juan is up with right now but before making YouTube his full time carrier, he worked in a construction site for around 10 hours, six days a week.

Who is Scrappy the Cholo? Know more about ThatwasEpic's Juan Gonzalez [YouTuber]

Statue of Joel Lebaron at Chihuahua

  • His hometown is Chihuahua which is the capital of the northwestern Mexican state of Chihuahua. It’s known for the Spanish Baroque Cathedral de Chihuahua and the 18th-century Palacio de Gobierno, a government building where massive murals depict major Mexican historical events.(Source; Wikipedia)

Character of Cholo

Ths Cholo living his THUG LIFE and deals with people in the same way. Cholo can be recognized by the way he walk, talk, his gesture,his dress-up, and most importantly the “WHISTLE”. Many people on YouTube have relates Scrappy the Cholo with GTA (Video Game) characters.

Who is Scrappy the Cholo? Know more about ThatwasEpic's Juan Gonzalez [YouTuber]

Scrappy The Cholo

  • The Talk: Scrappy The Cholo has a Gangsta accent and is really different, the unique style with this accent adds more interest to watch him further.
  • The Whistle: The all famous Whistle from Cholo is just another hit idea that Juan came up with.
  • It’s totally unique and you aren’t gonna find it anywhere else. People loves this Whistle and even some users have asked to give a demonstration lessons on “how to play Cholo’s Whistle”?
  • Dress-up: Scrappy is basically seen wearing large sized open shirt but buttoned only at the top.
  • The Bandana is another known headwear of Cholo.

The overall Scrappy is a Funny character well Played by Juan. There are many other Prank Videos too which is absolutely hilarious to see.

Go check by Yourself in his accounts:

Juan has another YouTube Channel Almostepic. The contents of this channel includes His personal stuffs and uncut videos from his main Channel. He always take the next step after asking his viewers that if they want to watch another videos. He says” It’s always your support for being where I’m right now”.

I(Vaibhav) was really happy when Juan allowed me to write about Cholo. I saw him doing great as a Cholo character and became a huge fan since then.

Have a look here:

Some other Pranks that are definitely unique and interesting to watch: (Click Image to watch on YouTube)

Who is Scrappy the Cholo? Know more about ThatwasEpic's Juan Gonzalez [YouTuber]

Juan Riding a Giant bike in Public

Who is Scrappy the Cholo? Know more about ThatwasEpic's Juan Gonzalez [YouTuber]

Counting Pile of Cash in Public Prank – ThatwasEpic/YouTube

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