What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]

What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]

In this Volume 1 my main point of convergence is the beguiling and enchanting wedding dresses from different cultures Globally. Hi Guys, this is your boy Vaibhav and the article “What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]” is just a small part of this huge earth where 4,200 different religions are present. We will see what the married couple wear, what are the dresses called, and an overview of their respective religion/tradition. So, lets fall down to see the post!!


What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Vietnamese wedding
Vietnam wedding procedure has emerged from mixed religion from the Buddhist and  Confucian ideologies.

BRIDE : Áo dài is a conventional dress worn by Vietnamese women. Áo means “shirt” and dài mean “long”.

GROOM : Simple blue colored garment resembling the bridal dress is preferred for Groom’s outfit.


What do people wear on their wedding [Traditional]
Groom Attire in Bengali Tradition

What do people wear on their wedding [Traditional]
Bengali Bride
The culture of Bengal hold within the Bengal region in the Indian subcontinent, including Bangladesh and the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura and Assam’s Barak Valley, where the Bengali language is the official.

BRIDE : Bengali brides dress up in their gorgeous Benarasi silk sarees in bright colors like red, pink, maroon & blue mainly with gold zari or buta work throughout. The outfit is paired with beautifully designed gold jewellery denoting brilliant Bengal craftsmanship and coupled with a  “Topor” aka crown which is crafted out of “shola” (Indian Cork), a white colored delicate yet elegant looking material.

GROOM : At a traditional Bengali wedding, the groom is seen wearing a kurta known as “Panjabi” which is typically made of Tassar, Silk or cotton which is paired with a dhoti or simply “Dhuti” as they call it. The dhuti is made of Muslin or Tant(Bengal Handloom). The Kurta color scheme is usually whites, creams or golden and are chosen based on which looks great on Groom. Not to miss, their “Topor” aka mukut, they wear on their head which adds that royal & traditional touch to the whole outfit.




What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Wedding Ceremony in Tamil style

What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Tamil Wedding
Tamil culture is entrenched deeply in the arts and ways of life of Tamils in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and throughout the globe.

BRIDE/BRAHMIN: A typical Tamil Brahmin bride is usually seen wearing a 9 yard long Kanjeevaram Saree in hues of bright colors with contrasting borders that have gold threads woven into beautiful patterns. These Kanjeevaram Saree are famous not only in wedding but for other occasions too.

NON-BRAHMIN :Tamil bride would wear a regular 6 yard long saree in which she looks gorgeous. Her Hair are done in an elaborate plait and bun combination with flowers and gold jewelries.

GROOM wears a two piece garment known as Veshti and Angavastram. Both of these are usually madeup of puttu or silk. Veshti refers to the lower part of the garment which the groom wears either like a dhoti or simply by draping it as a lungi as lungi is hugely popular outfit in southern states of India.


What do people wear on their wedding [Traditional]
Couple in Punjabi Outfit
The locution  ‘Punjabi’ are those living in Punjab or speaks the Punjabi language. This name originates from the Persian language ‘panj’, (five), and ‘ab’, (water). Combined together the word becomes Panjab or Punjab: land of the five rivers.

BRIDE: She dressed in traditional shalwar and kameez or langa (a blouse and loose trousers or long skirt).  Along with heavy gold-embroidered shawl (chunni or dupatta) covers her head usually in Red.

GROOM: The groom is generally dressed in traditional shirt and trousers and he wears a red or dark pink turban and carries a coloured scarf (pulla), whereas Sherwani and indo-western look has also been seen.


What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Wedding Ceremony in Christian Style

What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Christian Bride in Saree
Christianity refer to the people following Lord Jesus Christ and his words. The Traditional Christian wedding is almost same throughout the globe. The traditional wedding always happens inside the church only.

BRIDE in India or from Indian origin wears a SAREE. GOWN are also been used more often but in both of these dresses few things are common like Rithwel, Gloves, Bookey. Either it be a Saree or Gown both of them should be in White color which represents Purity.

GROOM  wears Suit or Tuxedo as the Groom’s clothing are completely Western that includes Broch, and Tie also.


What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
BALI Island Couple

What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Wedding in Bali
Balinese Hinduism is the form of Hinduism practiced by the majority of the population of Bali, Indonesia. Around 83% of the people on Bali identify as Hindu.

Both BRIDE and GROOM wear colorful wedding costumes know as Songket which is not chosen by them, but it is already chosen according to the caste of the family. Songket with Golden threads layers, the color of the material is normally attractive colors like blue, yellow, orange or red. The Songket represents how wealthy the family and how high the level of the caste is.

BRIDE along with Songket wears a crown with golden decorations all around it. The higher the crown height, the higher the caste of the family is.

GROOM wears a head cover that tight to the head along with the Songket decided by the caste of the family.


What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Couple in Western outfit- Christian

What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Christian Bride in Gown
The western Wedding dresses in Christian are similar as we discussed in the “Christian Indian”.

BRIDE wears white Gown with gloves, Rithwell, Bookey. All the items like gloves, Rithwell or sandals are in matching color of the Gown. Although in many occasions the bride have been seen in other light colored Gown also.

GROOM wears western outfit and either it be a Tuxedo or Suit, brooch are preferred as matching detail to the bride’s dress colour.




What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Marathi Couple
What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Wedding Ceremony in Marathi Style

What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Marathi Bride
Maharashtra is the 3rd largest state of India. “Maha” means huge in terms of area and population. People in Maharashtra has distinct dress up as both the bride and groom wear dhoti style.

BRIDE clothing features The nauvari(commonly), is a nine yard saree, draping like a dhoti know as kasta and was initially worn as a symbol for equality of woman, with respect to her man in a marriage. Other sarees including Nauvari, Banaras Silk, Uppada Silk, Kanchi/Kanjeevaram, Paithani Silk, Kota Silk and more other combinations are popular too.

GROOM on the other hand wear dhoti and a kurta (traditional choice)/ paijama as an alternative to sherwani or a suit.


What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Japanese Couple
At a traditional Japanese wedding, the bride and groom usually wear Japanese wedding kimono. Kimono is a traditional Japanese Dress procured from China.

BRIDE wears a white wedding kimono called “uchikake” with a white headwear. The head wear is usually big and have some weight and is said to conceal the bride’s “horns” which represents her submission to the GROOM.

GROOM wears kimono which is usually black in color and has his family’s symbol embellished on it in white color.


What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Marwadi Couple
The Marwadi or simply Marvari are a South Asian people speaking Marvari language and ethno-linguistic group that are present in India and Nepal, emanates from Rajasthan and Haryana.

BRIDE wears Lehenga-Choli usually Red and similar colors which She matches with an Odhni.

GROOM  wears jodhpuri or a sherwani. He wears a headwear crafted from traditional Marwari red bandhini printed cloth.


What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Wedding Ceremony in Gujarati Style
What do people wear at their wedding [Traditional]
Gujarati Bride
 The Gujaratis or Gujarati People are a race-related group conventionally from Gujarat and speaks Gujarati which is an Indo-Aryan language.

BRIDE wears saree or lehenga, keeping the motif as conventional Gujarati style which should be in red color as traditional values but similar colors related to red are been opted more frequently nowadays.

GROOM wears indo-western look with kurta pyjama with usually a red headwear.

It’s really wonderful to see different caste and culture going through their wedding rituals and wearing magnificent dresses. I would really love to write the Next Volume for this article, if you like then feel free to Contact(CLICK) me for mentioning your wedding pictures to the next volume. Have a nice stay at Funmansite.

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