[SOLVED] USB Connection Error in Car’s Music System- Cannot Play Songs

Getting Connection Error in Car USB?

Hi guys, if you have decided to buy a new music system just because it stopped playing USB songs then please don’t do that right now.  USB Connection Error in Car or home stereos many be gone if you try one of these solution I have given here. Actually, tried all the solutions available online but that didn’t worked for me. Still I have written the other solutions from the net and the one that I found by my own. Lets see now what are these:

1. Check for defects

[SOLVED] USB Connection Error in Car's Music System- Cannot Play Songs
Car Stereo System
[SOLVED] USB Connection Error in Car's Music System- Cannot Play Songs
Connection Options
The very first thing you should do is to check if your device is fine or not. This includes both the USB devices and your car stereo system too.

1st check out your Car stereo system and use other Pen drive/ Cards. In the same way check your Pen drive in other similar model cars as yours.

But I would suggest to read the full article and do the things as mentioned here and if non of them works, then only check your device  with other Cars.

2. Only Mp3 Format

[SOLVED] USB Connection Error in Car's Music System- Cannot Play Songs
Only Mp3
You are most welcome if the option 2 is not that friendly with you. The car stereo system uses only Mp3 Format of the songs and so make sure to convert all your songs to Mp3 Format and then try again.

There are several Apps/Software on Android mobile or computer that are totally free and can convert all your songs to Mp3 Format in one single click.

3. Default UBS FAT32

[SOLVED] USB Connection Error in Car's Music System- Cannot Play Songs
File System FAT32
If you are using a USB drive then make sure to format it to the default FAT32 format.

To do that you will need a laptop or Computer, just plug in your device and

  1. Go to “My Computer”
  2. Look for your device and right click on it,
  3. A menu will appear, click on Format.
  4. Under File System select FAT32
  5. Click on Format

Add Mp3 files to the newly formatted USB and plug it into your car stereo system. This might work and if not, then we have a last and bullet-proof solution for you in the 4th option.

4. Use OLD versions of USB Devices

This was the solution that worked for me actually after trying every that was available on the internet and also that I have mentioned in the art till now.

If none of the above Solution works for you then you can try these 2 Options.

OPTION 1. Use the USB pen drive which has white coloured port.

[SOLVED] USB Connection Error in Car's Music System- Cannot Play Songs
White Coloured USB 1.0
Actually there are many versions of Pen drives and you can find out their version by just looking at their port colour.

  1. WHITE PORT – USB 1.0
  2. BLACK PORT – USB 2.0
  3. BLUE PORT – USB 3.0
  4. RED PORT – USB 3.1

Now the important thing from the above list is the White one. The version 1 is the basic version that almost all Car stereo system can detect.

Use this White coloured Port Pen drive but make sure to format it as FAT32 and add only Mp3 files.

OPTION 2. If you don’t have a pen drive then, I would suggest to use a Card reader with White port or you can try other also and use only 1 GB MEMORY CARD. I’m suggesting 1 GB because these cards are old as now a days people uses at least 32 GB EXTERNAL STORAGE. So, go with 1GB Memory Card and before using it, make sure to format it with  FAT32 and use only Mp3 files only.

Hope this works for you as this Solution that I figured out worked for me also. Please tell me your views about this article.

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