Multipurpose Objects: Top Most Unique things ever invented

Listing few of the Most useful Multipurpose Objects

Hello Guys once again and hello to my new readers, I hope you guys are doing well. In this article I would like to share few of the most Unique inventions that I thought is actually “ALL IN ONE” kind of inventions. We will be talking about a 3 in 1 car, a body cream that can be used for 3 different use and more.

This thing came into my mind when I was in the market buying regular products like shampoo, face wash and all. What I found was a 3 in 1 product. That product was actually genius because with it has quality of 3 in 1 which are:

  • FACE Wash
  • Hair Wash
  • Body Wash

Isn’t this was great? I thought this is just a brilliant thing as you just buy a single product for 3 things. Later I thought that there are other similar stuff which are actually doing jobs of many.  So here’s the list and please let me know in the comments what we can add here.


Multipurpose Objects: Top Most Unique things ever invented
Splash ©Rinspeed

Car that can actually fly, swim and drive. This is the 1st thing came into my mind coz I have seen it somewhere in the television.

Its Rinspeed‘ “Splash” the name of a car that could actually fly About the water surface 60cm above. Made up with ultralight carbon composite skin, light weight Splash is a jaw dropping invention by Frank M. Rinderknecht founder and boss of Rinspeed.

This car looks like a normal car but I can convert into a boat,then you can also use it as  plane. This is just brilliant.


Motorola became the 1st company to invent and made a first phone call on April 3, 1973. Since that many features had been added to it. What it does? Let me give you a short list about it:

  • Phone call/ video call/text (obviously)
  • Calculator
  • GPS
  • Radio
  • Games
  • Pedometer
  • Walkie talkie
  • Camera
  • MAP
  • Torch
  • Unlimited stuff

Yes, this is just unlimited if you know what your phone is capable of.

It almost replaced many things from our day to day life, so it’s a sure shot in our list.

3. Computer

Multipurpose Objects: Top Most Unique things ever invented

Personal Computer

Are we forgetting something? I guess we included it right now. I mean how could we forget  role of computer in our life. Wanna make a list again ? C’mon let’s do it:

  • Typewriter
  • Documentation
  • Ticket booking
  • Entertainment
  • Official works
  • Calculator
  • Unlimited stuff

Again I would say, sky is the limit to when it comes to COMPUTER.

4. THREE IN ONE Body Product

Multipurpose Objects: Top Most Unique things ever invented

Nivea Men- Pure Impact ©Nivea

As I have mentioned in the beginning how I came up with this idea about writing the article. That 3in1 thing is amazing. There are many people on the internet that are applying Colgate on lip, or shoes, mobile screen, burn areas and many more.

But what a company tells about their products is actually accepted normally and people won’t hesitate to actually use it once.


Multipurpose Objects: Top Most Unique things ever invented

WWW- The vast Internet

There is actually no broad use of Mobiles and Computer if there is no Internet. Things you do with it:

  • Download/ Stream contents
  • Tickets
  • Data transfer
  • Official works
  • Backbone of MOBILE & COMPUTER
  • Unlimited stuff

As its just so common that you guys know what you do over the internet so you can add up more in your mind to the above list. 😀

I’ll be writing about some famous personality after this article because while writing this article I thought why not to write about a human. So, guys please do subscribe to my blog and keep visiting.

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