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Hi Guys, Hope you all are doing well, its Vaibhav and here you are going to witness another Tattoo Artist Mini Patankar from Mumbai, India. She has been featured in newspapers and of course in my own website few months back in “the list of most amazing profession-Female Edition“. Lets see now what we have over here.


Mini Patankar runs her own Studio named after her, Witch Art Tattoos is located in Mumbai, India. This Tattoo studio is not only providing its services in Tattoo arts but Piercing, and Nail Arts also.


Tattoo Artist Mini Patankar
Just NAILS by Mini

Recently Mini has opened her new chain in the Mumbai region again, Congrats to her new achievement and not only this but Customised NAILS art known as Just NAIL by MINI has also been started by mini: “You are a proud Girl..Feel the Diva in you. We at Just Nails provides beautiful custom made and handcrafted nails” – Visit their Instagram page

Now let’s move towards the Q n A session as I asked Mini about her lifestyle, Profession and more.

1. Please tell me why have you chosen tattoo as a profession?

Mini: I did not actually, Since I am a fine artist… I just wanted to learn it as a hobby.. and it turned into a profession, Same happened with nails too, I am very passionate about it…

2. So what should be the main focus if a person wants to be a tattoo artist ?

Mini: Basic drawing skills, N madness to learn it.

3. What is the best part in your job ?

Mini: Meeting new people. Talking to them.. creating new designs… be it tattoo or Nails… it’s fun to me.. and getting paid for it like a bonus.

4 .So what are your future plans?

Mini: To have chain of studios.


Tattoo Artist Mini Patankar
Mini Art Studio, Mumbai, India

Mini has accomplished her career not only as a Tattoo artists but, she is into various things that includes COLORS, I mean she is into Nail arts and Painting also.

Specialised in:

Tattoo Artist Mini Patankar
Mini Patankar
Tattoo Artist Mini Patankar
Tattoo by Mini

You name it and she is available with her talent to back you up. As her Tattoo Forms here includes:

Tattoo Artist Mini Patankar
Scar Cover-up Tattoo by Mini Patankar
  • Color Correction knows as Cosmetic Tattoo,
  • Scar Coverup Tattoo,
  • Normal tattoo.
  • Customised Nail arts that includes Bridal, Marble nails designs.
  • Piercing

Featured in:

Mini Arts studio has been featured in  Style Speak Magazine and other big newspapers.

Contact Info

Thanks to Mini Patanker for allowing me to write about her and you guys also.

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