Meet Miami based Tattoo Artist Janielle Gaggero

Tattoo Artist Janielle Gaggero on Funmansite

Hello Guys its your boy Vaibhav and in this article I’ll be talking about a Tattoo Artist Janielle Gaggero from Miami. This article will give you a glism of her art, the studio where she works and few of her details as I share some Tattoos designs that she shared with Funmansite. The main moto to share this article at Funmansite is that, Tattoo is another trendy and unique profession that women can look forward. Now, lets see what we have here now:

Jenielle is Miami based famous tattoo artist famous for her tattoos and style.


As we talk about Miami, officially the City of Miami, is the cultural, economic and financial center of South Florida. Miami is the seat of Miami-Dade County, the most populous county in Florida.(Wiki)

Tattoo Artist Janielle Gaggero
Tattoo Artist Janielle Gaggero


Tattoo Artist Janielle Gaggero
@ Studio Nami

About Jani:

Janielle Gaggero works with Studio Nami, is very selective about cover ups and does not add on to works done by other artists, this Studio is Located in Miami. You can visit her personal website and Instagram which is shared at the end of this article. (Read more)

About Studio Nami

Located in Miami, Studio Nami was born in 2016 when 3 artists and best friends came together with a vision. To create a space where both the artist and the client could feel at home. A studio without schedules or hierarchy.( Read more at their website here)

Tattoo Artist Janielle Gaggero
Colorful Tattoo by Jani Bell

You can contact the this artist and the studio at their website or visit their Instagram:

Tattoo art is famous and I have written few more article that tells about Tattoo related business which your can check here:

I know this is a short info but  let’s see what happens. That’s all for this article guys and I’m really glad Jani has shared her Pictures and video with my website. Have a great day guys.

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