Pet Birds: It’s time to let them fly- LET THEM FREE

Do you have Pet Birds?

In this article I’ll be talking about my feeling about adopting a Bird. How I changed my thought due to an incident happened to me. Although nothing big was it but whatever happened just changed my mind forever.

This article should have come into my mind a long ago, but this never happened until the Day I was trying to look for something in the sky today. I always wanted to adopt a bird and as I live in India and here the adoption could put you in jails if you pick an endangered species.


Pet Birds: It’s time to let them fly- LET THEM FREE
Caged Parrot
I’m saying this because I wanted to adopt a Parrot, why?, it’s because ,I think is one of a human friendly and very responsive bird ever existed. They could even match human tongue in terms of speaking, with proper training they became extremely Smart.

So, I was talking about a day when I saw something in the sky. It was a parrot. I was trying to look at him but I couldn’t because he was flying at a very high speed.

I was just trying to figure out what type of Parrot it was because I’ve heard somewhere that a special type of Parrot are very intelligent and can learn human language and respond to them very intelligently.

The moment I couldn’t figure out what type of Parrot is that just because it was flying so fast. Then I looked up in the skies and the parrot was gone.

I was amazed how beautifully they fly, how wast their territory is. And I felt shame for myself, How could I even think of capturing them in a small house or prison. That will just put a permanent FULL STOP to their liberty.


Pet Birds: It’s time to let them fly- LET THEM FREE
Parrot Flying Openly

Then I made up my min, I will never ever try to bring home any healthy Bird to my house.I really want you guys to please think about it.

I know many of you are having birds that you love so much, but think once again about their abilities, their wings, their own nest, their own children. They are made to fly independently.


Pet Birds: It’s time to let them fly- LET THEM FREE
Bird to adopt

And Yes, If you try to adopt a bird then you could go for any unhealthy or those birds that could not be able to fly.

Take care of them and make them whole again, so that when you let them fly and see how beautiful they look in the sky compared to your house or cage, you would be amazed.

This is what they deserve, this is where they have to spend rest of their life.

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